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Frequently Asked Questions

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Passports can sometimes take up to six weeks to receive. We recommend starting your passport process immediately. Make certain to take photos and keep copies of your passport in case it is lost during your trip.

U.S. Passports (

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You can always take an Uber from the Airport to Oxford although it will be expensive.


The United Kingdom uses the British Pound currency.  The rest of Europe uses the Euro.

You may exchange dollars for British Pounds at the airport or at a local bank.  You can also order currency on-line.  


At the Oxford International Round Table, we strive to create an environment that is both professional and comfortable. To that end, our dress code is business casual with the closing dinner being more dressy.  Don’t forget to bring comfortable shoes.

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The closest airport to Oxford, England is London Heathrow (LHR)

Heathrow: Welcome to Heathrow Airport | Heathrow

The next closest airport to Oxford, England is London Gatwick (LGW)

Home | Gatwick Airport

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from Heathrow Airport


Terminal 1, 2 or 3


Central Bus Station is a short walk from Terminals 1, 2 & 3. Lifts, escalators and moving walkways are available to help with the journey. Follow signs to Central Bus Station – it’s a bit of a walk

Terminal 4

A free shuttle is available from Terminal 4 to Terminal 1,2, and 3 and the central bus station.


Terminal 5

Our airline coach leaves from stand 10 at the arrivals concourse to take you to Oxford.


You can buy tickets on the coach

Ride the coach all the way to the end – Gloucester Green

The ride will take about an hour and a half with about seven or so stops along the way. The coach ends at Gloucester Green so don’t worry about missing your stop if you fall asleep

They do have Wifi on the coach. They also have chargers but make certain you have your British Adapter.

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​Electrical voltage in England is 220 volts (ours is 110 volts). Your hairdryers, razors, etc., will not work there without adapters.  Many appliances sold in the USA have voltage transformers built into them (look for a 220 volt switch on the back or side of the appliance).  Even if you have a switch, you will still need to purchase a three-pronged adapter for the British outlets (this can be obtained in England or in the US).  

UK Adapter on Amazon  


We ask our delegates to submit abstracts related to the topic of the invitation. The abstracts are reviewed by our Programme Committee for presentation. You will hear within a week if your abstract has been selected. Your attendance in the Round Tables is not contingent upon presenting an abstract. You are welcome to prepare a paper for possible publication even if you are not presenting.


The paper length can vary from 10 pages to 30 pages. It is quality that is important, not quantity. You can find more detailed information on the paper at:



Our delegates that are not presenting are generally on a panel. The panel will respond to the presentation with comments. If the presenter has prepared a paper, the panel members will receive a copy of the paper before the Round Table.



We will have an agenda ready after all abstracts have been reviewed and selected for presentation. You are, however, not required to submit an abstract and are welcome to prepare a paper for possible publication even if you are not presenting.



We will have a list of the other participants for your session prepared after our final response date. I will be happy to forward a list at that time.

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